Qualifications Of A Deacon

The Deacon should measure up to the requirements set forth in Acts 6:1-4 and I Timothy 3:8-13.

  • He (and his wife if married) should be professed Christians and a member of this church for at least twelve (12) months.
  • He should be the husband of one wife.
  • He should attend and actively support all the various activities of the church, Sunday worship, Wednesday evening prayer service, Sunday school, Christian Training and other programs adopted and promoted by the church, unless hindered by some good reason, which is approved by good conscience.
  • He should be a tither, bring his tithes systematically to the church for the Lord’s work.
  • He should be evangelistic and missionary in spirit, deeply interested in the salvation of souls at home and abroad, and exhibit compassionate love for people.
  • He should be fully cooperative with the church, its pastor, its staff, its spiritual program of advancement, and fully supportive of its Doctrinal beliefs.
  • He should be a man who refrains from destructive criticism of his church, willing to settle all difficulties in a quiet and Christian manner, without hurting the cause of Christ and His Church.
  • He should be a consecrated Christian whose life is being nurtured toward Christian maturity by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • He should be a man about whom people should say, “He is a good Christian man.”
  • Recognizing that circumstances and individual situations vary; a deacon who finds that he cannot faithfully meet the above qualifications should, after much prayer and careful meditation, voluntarily ask to be relieved of the responsibilities as an active deacon. Annually or as the need may arise, the active deacons will endeavor to evaluate service of each deacon and counsel in accordance with God’s will.